Class Summaires

Jazz (Ages 5 - Adult)

An exciting and ever-evolving dance form full of rhythm, syncopation, passion and life. Students will learn body isolations, positions of the arms and feet, dance vocabulary and jazz dance steps. Classes will consist of exercises, centre floor combinations and routines performed at various festivals. Emphasis will be on developing rhythmic awareness, individual expression, and the development of personal style.

Ballet (Ages 5 - Adult)

One of the most beautiful and demanding of the dance art forms requiring both grace and athleticism. This classical form of dance can be mastered by itself or used as a technical base or supplement to other dance forms. Classes will focus on overall body alignment and awareness with emphasis on proper usage of feet and legs and carriage and use of arms and upper torso. Students will learn basic positions of the arms and feet, ballet vocabulary, beauty, flow and grace. Classes will consist of barre exercises, centre floor work, and combinations of dance steps.

Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance. In order to be a great dancer it is important to have a strong foundation in ballet.

Tap (Ages 5 - Adult)

A form of dance that creates a percussion instrument through the dancers feet and tap shoes. Tap class will focus on the rhythm, intricate footwork, syncopation and performance. Students will learn basic tap technique, progressive tap steps, rhythm, and develop a broad awareness of music. Classes will consist of barre exercises, across the floor, and centre work combining tap steps learned throughout the dance term.

Hip Hop (Ages 5 - Adult)

One of the most popular and widely publicized forms of dance in today's culture. Hip Hop is a style of dance that uses the latest music with movements influenced by some of today's most popular artists and performers. Students will learn the basics of movement, terminology, and the history of pop culture – the backbone of this dance form. Students will gain valuable understanding and appreciation of the improvisational nature of hip hop, while learning the many different styles developed within this genre (popping, locking, breaking etc.) This class will break down steps and techniques while emphasizing style and personality within the movement.

Lyrical (Ages 6 - Adult)

A dance style that combines jazz, ballet and modern dance focusing on telling a story and expressing emotion through body movement. Classes will integrate dance technique through progressions, across the floor, and centre combination exercises while emphasizing interpretation of lyrics and/or quality of the music.

* Students must be enrolled in ballet in order to register in this dance class.

Modern (Ages 10 - Adult)

An expressive dance style comprised of highly individualized movements with focus on creating unique and interesting shapes and patterns with the body. Classes will cover proper body alignment, musicality, centre floor and partner work, as well as breaking down the movements while providing students with increases in strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

* Students must be enrolled in ballet in order to register in this dance class.

Musical Theatre/Variety Classes (Ages 6 - Adult)

An exciting class that lets the student create a character through dance steps and acting. Classes will consist of stretches, centre floor work and development of different characters. This is a very fun and exciting class that lets all students show their individuality as well as gives the m the confidence to act and dance in front of their peers. This is a performance class.

Pre-Dance (3 & 4yr olds)

This is a music based program with a focus on elemental pre ballet steps. In this class we hope to develop an understanding of rhythm, counting beats, simple dance steps along with helping your pre-schooler to adjust to taking direction from a non-family member. This class is an excellent opportunity for your outgoing budding ballerina to get a taste of the dance experience. *Please note that in order to be enrolled in the pre-dance class your child must be potty trained.

Kinder Tap/Hip Hop/Jazz/Ballet Dance (3 & 4 yr olds)

Tap, Hip Hop, Ballet & Jazz Dancing!  An action-packed and fun-filled class for the youngest of students!  Students will be exposed to the various styles of these classes with a background of  jazz dance.  Classes will incorporate activities to develop and improve all components that comprise this art form.  Each student will also be involved in the development and rehearsal of a group performance at one of the festivals in the Edmonton area.