Dance Attire


     Proper dance attire is expected in these dance classes, the following is what is expected but please double check with your teachers on what color of shoes you will be wearing before you buy new ones. Thank you.

Pre-Dance Classes:

     This year we would like all the pre-dance to wear pink body suits, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers. Tutus can also be worn.

Kinder Classes:

     This year we have incorporated more kinder classes. So we would like all students to dress according to the class they are enrolled in. For example if you are in kinder tap or jazz please wear jazz pants (yoga pants, leggings etc), tank tops and jazz shoes/tap shoes. If you are in kinder hip hop you may wear sweatpants, track pants, tank tops, t-shirts and you will need to wear indoor runners. Please no jeans for any of these classes.

Ballet Classes:

     These dancers require BLACK TANK BODY SUITS, PINK BALLET TIGHTS, PINK BALLET SLIPPERS c/w ELASTICS. Hair must be worn up in a bun with bangs back. There are no exceptions in ballet class, proper attire MUST be worn.

Jazz Classes:

     These dancers require dance wear any color, any style. Yoga pants are allowed. Hair must be worn up in a pony-tail or bun with bangs back. Warm-up shirts are only allowed for the warm-up. Please no baggy sweatpants (for example groove street ones). All performance classes are required to wear BEIGE JAZZ SHOES. All “Performance Plus” classes will require BLACK & BEIGE JAZZ SHOES. (Please double check this with your teachers)

Lyrical Classes:

     These dancers require dance wear any color or style and FOOT UNDIES or BEIGE JAZZ SHOES (please double check this with your teacher). But note that if your class is wearing foot undies for festival you will need beige ones. Hair must be up in a pony-tail or bun. Cover-ups may be worn for warm-ups.

Hip Hop Classes:

     These dancers require dance wear any color or style. Dance pants and strappy tops are allowed. Please wear indoorwhite/white soled sneakers. Unless otherwise stated by your teacher these sneakers will be worn for festival performances as well. Hair must be worn up. Hats are allowed. No jeans!!

Tap Classes:

     These dancers require dance wear any color or style and all tap classes aged 10 & up requireBEIGE OXFORDS (for the dancers 8 & under please check with your teacher before buying new tap shoes, but will most likely require beige tap shoes). Hair must be up. Sneakers can be worn until after the sale.

Dancers are required to be dressed appropriately for class. No jeans, slacks or pajama bottoms are permitted. A warning will be issued the first time you are not dressed in the appropriate clothes. The second and consecutive times a dancer is not prepared for class in the appropriate clothing they will not be permitted to participate. They will be permitted to watch the class so they will not miss any new choreography that is introduced that day.

We will be having a dance wear sale in the studio in September.The sale is put on by 'BZbodys' from Spruce Grove and they have many brand names and sizes of shoes, bodysuits, tights etc. Please try to make it to this sale as after the sale everyone must come to class in proper attire or they will not be allowed to participate. Check newletters for dates.