More Vibe - March 24th- 27th

              St.Albert, Ab (All Students)

Dance Vibe - April 21st- 24th

              St.Albert, Ab (All Students)

Just Dance Festival- April 9th & 10th


( Performance Plus Students Only)


Dance Vibe & More Vibe:

St. Albert Inn and Suites


Best Western Plus St Albert

460 St Albert Trail, St Albert, AB T8N 5J9

(780) 470-3800

Festival Info


                At both of the festivals there will be a showcase at the end of each day. Each adjudicator will pick their top 3-4 groups and 2-3 solos of the day and those dancers will perform their routine again that night for cash prizes and trophies. Unless we see the students the only way to get ahold of everyone to let them know if they made it into the showcase will be through our Essence Facebook Page (unfortunately I can't access/update our website unless I am on my home computer). So please make sure you are added to our facebook page and check it periodically throughout the day. The showcase will be fun  and exciting and it will give the students another chance to perform their routine again so hopefully everyone will be able to make it!!

*This does not include the kinder classes


Our first festival is only a few weeks away and we would like to remind everyone of the rules & etiquette expected.  Please arrive one hour prior to your scheduled performance time with your hair and make-up done according to your information sheet sent with your costumes.  (Please remember the make-up is for stage purposes and must be applied heavily and neatly.  Without adequate make-up your children will look featureless to the adjudicators.)  The one hour before is VERY important as we need this time to practice the dance a couple of times before performing on stage. Since there will be a lot of studios attending the festivals we have to take turns to practice so we will need you for the full hour. Unfortunately we are unable to hold the festival for any reason so if you are late there may be a chance that you will miss your performance, so please give yourself enough time to drive in, find parking, and find your child's class etc. Once your child is dressed and ready to go you may take them to the practice room where either their instructor or a student teacher will be there to practice them. At this time you may leave your child with us. They will be supervised at all times. They will stay with us until after adjudication. After that we will take all younger students back to the practice room where you can pick your child up.

There will be signs up on the doors letting you know where the practice room is as well as which dressing room is ours. Please be aware that there is a limited amount of space in the dressing rooms, if your child is only in one or two dances (with time in between) we recommend that you come to the festival dressed and ready to go. Also note that there will be many people coming in and out of the dressing rooms so please do not leave anything of value in the rooms.

When at festivals it is important to remember that you represent not only yourself but your fellow dancers and Essence Dance Co.  We ask that everyone show kindness, consideration, and tolerance when dealing with our dancers and those from other studios.  Good sportsmanship is a quality we hope all of our students remember and demonstrate.  Parents, please remember that NO picture taking or video taping is permitted inside the auditoriums.  Anyone caught doing so will be disqualified along with their entire studio from the festival. While we don't make these rules, it is our job to make sure parents are informed so that everyone may enjoy a conflict free time.


There is an admission charge for all festivals in cash only. Below are the admission prices for all festivals:

More Vibe: Arden Theatre,St. Albert

Admission: $9.00/day $25/4day

Programs: $7.00

Dance Vibe:

Arden Theatre,St. Albert

Admission: $8.00/day $25/4day

Programs: $6.00

Just Dance Festival (Performance Plus Kids Only)RF Staples School, Westlock

Admission $7.00

Porgrams $5.oo

**If you would like a map for parking at the theatre please email us and we will be happy to forward one on to you.